Self Rebranding (Before & After) / ADSR Designs

Self Rebranding Project - ADSR Designs

I recently re-branded myself as a freelance graphic designer. Altough I had had a logo for it but I was not satisfied with it.

The Idea is the same as the previous version of the logo. I would like to represent my musical background in my brand. 
“ADSR” stands for “Attack”, “Decay”, “Sustain” and “Release” which is a function of synthesizers to shape the sound from a wave signal of oscillators. I also changed the name “ADSR Design & Photography” to “ADSR Designs”. I wanted to have a text logo with an original typeface which has been matched to the new logo.

Business card
Paper - 20pt Recycled Pulp Paper (Beige)
Side colour - Fluorescent green

Self Promotion Poster
Size - A2

The poster below was inspired by 80's vintage synthesizer "YAMAHA DX7"
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